Sound on the Stage meets in Langley Green on Tuesdays from 7 to 9pm. We charge £1 per session to work with our resident musicians with fabulous Dave to hone those skills and develop your own band. This is a club for young people interested in music – recording, performing and learning on stage

TIME 7 to 9pm AGES 11 to 18 COST £1 WHERE Langley Green Youth Centre

Dormans Youth Café (Juniors) meets in the evening on Tuesdays from 7 to 9pm for young people in school years 5 to 8 (ages 9 to 13).  – Cost £1: The Youth Café is a place to chill using any of the facilities at Dormans Youth Arts Centre. From Arts and Crafts, Computer games, Computing, Drumming, Music, Singing, Singing Recording, Pool, Table-tennis, Games and Outdoor sports (weather permitting). There is also a social area to sit and chat with friends, grab a drink, some chocolate or other snacks.

TIME 7 to 9pm AGES 10 to 13 COST £1 WHERE Dormans Youth Arts Centre

Bewbush Youth Centre is the venue of two of our new sessions – cost £1. With support from WSCC and Think Family funding we are pleased be able to provide these new sessions.

TIME 6 to 7:30pm AGES 9 to 13 COST £1 WHERE Bewbush Youth Centre
TIME 8 to 9:30pm AGES 13 to 18 COST £1 WHERE Bewbush Youth Centre