What We Believe…

Belonging           Ownership         Inspiration

Crawley Community Youth Service is a place where community meets creativity.  

A place to grow, to learn, to create…

A place to have fun or simply a safe place to be.

A place to belong

Belonging, ownership and inspiration are all vital ingredients for young people’s growth.  If these aren’t available in the right places, young people will look for them in all the wrong ones.

Recognising this, Crawley Community Youth Service has morphed from simple youth club to a place where creativity meets community.  We aim to combat youth violence and gang culture by providing genuine alternatives, ones which meet young people’s emotional and social needs.

We believe every young person is a unique individual with something incredible to offer the world through their talents and personality.

We always seek to stretch young people’s imagination.  Our innovative Dream Box philosophy aims to allow every individual to try something they’ve always wanted to do but feel is beyond their reach. This can be music, sports, cooking, art or anything else they can dream of.

Whether chasing dreams or just hanging out with friends, CCYS provides a safe place for all to Enjoy Being Young.