This is where it all began.  CCYS first found its way as a music club and has never forgotten its roots.  From jamming to performing, writing music to recording, working the sound desks and DJ-ing, music has always been at the core of our work.

Supported by Youth Music, we provide professional musicians to nurture and encourage our young people’s talents and dreams.

Recently, our music sessions have shifted up a gear with the involvement of AudioActive – a charity that works to bring about better futures through and for music.  AudioActive coaches work regularly with those more interested in raps and beats, helping them develop their skills and express themselves musically.  As such we can give young people dreams and aspirations grounded in the very real world of those who know the nitty gritty workings of the music industry.

Thanks to our accreditation as an Arts Award centre, young people can now receive qualifications for the music they create with us.

In December 2019, 24 Young People graduated with a Bronze Arts Award and 8 Young People a Silver! Congratulations!