Dormans Youth Arts Centre opened in 1959 and has since been the hub of community activity.

Refurbished and Reopened in 2017 after the amazing transformation by B&CE, Dormans has continued to be the arts centre Crawley desperately needs.

youth Club Sessions:

Juniors (Ages 8-13 years)

Tuesdays: 4pm-6pm- Come along and bake, take part in Art workshops, Play sports, and perform music with others. Take part and plan activities and trips and make memories!

Wednesdays: 4pm-6pm- Take part in cooking session with our Head Chef, Mark and cook your favourite meal! Also come and play cricket with our Cricket Coach, Bernie from Wicketz!

Seniors (Ages 13-18 years)

Mondays: 7pm-9pm- Come along and take part in our Warhammar and Gaming club session, bring along your favourite game and take part in a session with like-minded gamers as well as our annual LARP festival trip!

Tuesdays: 7pm-9pm- Come along and take part in our music themed session, learn an instrument, be apart of our band! Or, come along and just play pool or cook some dinner!

Wednesdays: 7pm-9pm- Take part in our sports and football sessions, play pool, take part in an art workshop or just come along and watch a movie. Your space is yours to choose!

Thursdays: 7pm-9pm: Audioactive deliver their award winning work with aspiring music producers, rappers, singers and talented musicians! Come along and make an album in our recording studio and live room.

All our sessions are free of charge. If you would like to know more information regarding Youth Club Sessions, or to have a look around beforehand, please contact Billy Lewis on, or search for “Billy YouthWorker’ to see what we get up to on Facebook!