In 2018, Crawley Borough Council allowed us to have two plots at the local Dormans Allotment.

Since then we have worked closely with members from Gossops Community Forum and members of the local community to have a functioning community allotment. We have grown vegetables such as Tomatoes and Potatoes and some fruits too! The main aim of this is to teach young people how food grows, but also to use natural and healthy ingredients in our “Cooking With Mark” sessions!

We also have had lots of community barbecues and get togethers. Thanks to a local organisation, Men In Sheds, Dave Ede, our Head Gardener has been busy building a homemade shed to store tools and hold community events with.

We cannot wait for the summer, for more information on how to get involved with the allotment, please get in touch via the “Contact Us” page! You can be any age when it comes to getting involved in the allotment, and we welcome community groups and organisations to get involved.

Most allotment days happen on Saturdays, so please keep up-to-date with our social media platforms to find out when the next allotment day is- and GET INVOLVED!