When asked what was important in a youth club, our young people replied that they wanted a space where they could be positive, be creative and be equal.

CCYS is committed to providing opportunities for young people to flourish creatively, nurturing their arty impulses and encouraging them to express their struggles and joys through art work.

One notable example of this is the 2019 Graffiti Art project, in conjunction with professional Gyro (Tom Goulden) from youth charity Priority 1-54.  This enabled young people to create art panels inspired by words to do with the theme ‘Belonging’.  These were exhibited at B-fest (an award winning branch of the Brighton Fringe), Broadfield Arts Exhibition and Gossops Rocks.  The young people went on to create a colourful mural at Dormans Youth Arts Centre and achieved Arts Awards for their collective endeavours.

In addition to big organised projects such as this, art materials are available for pressure-free creative exploration every week, giving young people the chance to try new techniques without competition or fear of failing.

Being a place where creativity meets community means that young people don’t only work together on larger art projects, but also provide mutual support and encouragement in their individual creative work.